Why Comic Sans? 


Comic Sans is the most hated, yet most misunderstood typeface since the Internet.The Darth Vader of fonts, if you will. In this political climate, everyone assumes they can agree on loving to hate this font— and that's a comforting sentiment. However, what if I told you that Comic Sans was the ideal font for dyslexics?
As a graphic designer, if someone would have told me I would be branding my movie WITH COMIC SANS, I would have laughed and winced at the thought. Dyslexia is a "hidden" disability, and I wanted to make the website dyslexic friendly to let the community know that we see them. After countless hours of research on dyslexia for the film, I stumbled upon a website that had tips for writing copy for dyslexics. It had various suggestions such as what colors and sizes were best, and there it was, Comic Sans. I have my issues with the font just as much as the next guy, but let's face it, it's damn easy to read. Of course, there are other fonts designed for dyslexics, but in my self-distributed poll, it won in a land slide for 'readability.' So I put my entitled, elitist, font-snobbery aside and attempted to make a website beautiful, professional and informative while using Comic Sans.
If you are dyslexic and totally disagree and can't read any of the website, please let me know what font is best for you!

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